Set Free

Set Free

Genre : Christian / Gospel
Released Date : 31 / May / 2011
  1. Free
  2. Give It All Away
  3. This Is Your Moment
  4. The Journey
  5. Love Song of Heaven
  6. Your Love Has Set Me Free
  7. This Is the Day
  8. You Have Freed Us
  9. Rain On Us
  10. Fall Fresh
  11. I Choose To Love
  12. Let Freedom Ring

Set Free – A Soundtrack to Freedom

This season has really been about growth and change. Many times when God is doing something new in your life, it doesn’t always feel comfortable. But the good news is that He is moving you to a place of greater freedom.

When we first decided to do an all original album, Joe Ninowski, Chuck Bethany and I discussed writing songs from difficulties we had experienced over the last year. I pondered that conversation, and as a result came the song, “His Love Has Set Me Free.” Sometimes, as you face the disappointments experienced through watching helplessly as those you have loved follow the path of destruction, you can pull from those emotions and not only write about what happened, but also write an ending where there is hope that they will come to their senses and that God will set them free. That’s what Joe, Chuck and I did as we wrote the verses and chorus to this song. Kendra Kelly-Dean does a beautiful job on the solo, and there is a message of hope that resonates for all, because His love has set all of us free.
“Once we began the process of compiling songs for the album,” explains Joe Ninowski, Daystar Music Director. “We never imagined that we’d get this fantastic array of personal stories and reflections…from rejoicing in triumph to just being broken before God.”
There is something for everyone on this record, and the messages of every song will encourage and inspire you.

“I remember ‘This Is the Day’ started as just a tune I had in my head,” explains Daystar Co-Music Director, Chuck Bethany. “It just kept repeating and repeating. Once the song was finished, I knew we had something special.”
Both of my girls, Rebecca and Rachel, also helped contribute to this record. Becca’s song really reflects the youthfulness and passion of her generation.”

“I love music that makes you want to get up on your feet…stuff like Hillsong United,” explains Becca Lamb. “And what better to get excited about than giving everything to God and saying I trust You and I love You.”
During the writing process, we really began to discover the rich and diverse influences that each of us possess. There are songs that have a big, flowing style, some that are very ambient and others that are fun and sunny-sounding.
Joe and I were working on some music and stumbled upon the song ‘You Have Freed Us’,” says Eddie Coronado, Daystar Singer. “We had been talking about different types of music and Joe started playing some notes on his keyboard that had this island vibe.”

“Eddie started singing ‘Jesus, Jesus, You have freed us’ and the song just happened right there,” explains Joe Ninowski. “And people have really fallen in love with that song.”
Another thing I love about the album is that there are so many deep, heart- stirring songs.

“I love songs that are birthed out of a time of worship,” says Sharon Tinsley, Daystar Singer. “So, of course, when God gave me the song ‘Rain On Us’ during a time of worship at my church, it really resonated with me.”
Bobby Binion collaborated with his son, Kristian, to work on a couple of songs on the record, and I love the message of “I Choose to Love.”

“What’s great about ‘I Choose to Love’ is the simple message that love and forgiveness are a choice,” says Bobby Binion, Daystar Singer. “One of the first steps to being set free is letting go
of the past and making the choice to love and forgive.”

Forgiveness and love comes from a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I think that’s such an important message that people need to hear today. It’s only through Jesus that we can make it through the trials of life, and no song captures that more beautifully than the first single off the record, “The Journey.”
“When I first sat down with a couple of friends to write ‘The Journey,’ it started as a conversation about all the junk that can overwhelm us in life,” says Rachel Lamb. “But God’s grace is so great that when we can’t make it on our own, Jesus is there carrying us.”
What a powerful idea! When we can’t make it, Jesus will carry us. There have been so many that have already been encouraged by this and other songs on the CD, “Set Free.”
It has been quite the journey putting this new album together, and with all of its encouragement, the message
I want to leave you with is that right now is your moment to be set free.

The song “This Is Your Moment” came out of a time when God was speaking through a minister who was a guest on our show “Celebration.” He said, “This is your moment,” and that thought stuck with me. I ran over to Joe and Chuck and shared it with them. We knew at that moment that God was making a declaration to the listeners of this new CD project.
He wants to set you free. Will you seize this moment?

– Joni

“Set Free” CD – Overview

Free // Joni Lamb & the Daystar Singers and Band - Set Free
  1. Free // Joni Lamb & the Daystar Singers and Band - Set Free
  2. Give It All Away // Joni Lamb & the Daystar Singers and Band - Set Free
  3. This Is Your Moment // Joni Lamb & the Daystar Singers and Band - Set Free
  4. The Journey // Joni Lamb & the Daystar Singers and Band - Set Free
  5. Love Song of Heaven // Joni Lamb & the Daystar Singers and Band - Set Free
  6. Your Love Has Set Me Free // Joni Lamb & the Daystar Singers and Band - Set Free
  7. This Is the Day // Joni Lamb & the Daystar Singers and Band - Set Free
  8. You Have Freed Us // Joni Lamb & the Daystar Singers and Band - Set Free
  9. Rain On Us // Joni Lamb & the Daystar Singers and Band - Set Free
  10. Fall Fresh // Joni Lamb & the Daystar Singers and Band - Set Free
  11. I Choose To Love // Joni Lamb & the Daystar Singers and Band - Set Free
  12. Let Freedom Ring // Joni Lamb & the Daystar Singers and Band - Set Free