Getting to Know Me More

Which three words describe you best?
Fire, water, & sunlight.

What is the meaning of your name?
My name is an adaptation of the Spanish word, Bonita, which means pretty or beautiful.  Because I was the first born and my father’s name was Ben, my mother changed the second letter to an “e” to name me after my dad.

What was your favorite age and why?
My favorite age was 15. At the time, I was involved in sports, had a lot of friends, was in the Honor Society, served as a Lieutenant on the Drill Team, and played the saxophone in the band. Like my uncle always said, “Benita is cooking with gas!”

What’s something you’ve been meaning to try but just haven’t gotten around to it?

Who has been the biggest inspiration in your life? Why?
The biggest inspirations in my life have been my Mom, Dad, and Uncle Junior. My Mom pushed me to break out of my shyness with her wisdom, vision, and persistence. And my Dad always modeled strength and honor.

What punctuation mark best describes your personality? Why?
It would have to be a question mark. That’s because ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always wanted to know “why?”

If you could meet anyone from the Bible, who would it be and what would you ask them? (Besides Jesus)
If I could meet Job, I’d ask him if he knew how much God trusted in his faith during his life on earth. I’d also ask how he managed to keep his faith in spite of suffering so much loss.

How did you become a Daystar Singer?
It all started through prayer! I was asking God for something new in my life and His answer came through Joe Ninowski. I had been singing independently for 30 years, and I was ready for something different. Joe had heard about me through working on various commercials and mentioned my name to help with a project for Joni. It went really well, and when the time came to put together a team of singers for Daystar, Joni invited me to join the group! I love how God chose to answer my prayer through Daystar!

What is your favorite memory as a Daystar Singer, and why?
Several years ago, we had boarded a flight to travel for ministry and were awaiting takeoff. As we were all sitting there, I looked around at our team and thought, “I love this. I love us.” I had always been a fan of the Law & Order show and wanted to be a part of a team like that. In that moment on the plane, I realized I had my Law & Order team, but even better!  We are a team for the Lord! I still reflect on that memory from time to time, and it reminds of God’s goodness in my life. I feel so blessed to be a part of this ministry!

What is your funniest moment as a Daystar Singer?
One time Cindy, our friend Tonya, and I were getting ready for the Marcus and Joni show.  We were talking, laughing, fixing our makeup and thinking we had all the time in the world. Then, when we were walking out on the stage, we realized the program had already started and we were late! We were devastated, and Joni was really gracious about our tardiness. But it still makes me laugh a little to this day. One minute is so long, yet so short in television!


As a celebrated vocalist, Benita’s love of music has led her to share her talent and touch the lives of audiences all over the world. She has been honored to receive two Cleo Awards and an Emmy award for her work in the commercial industry. Benita’s vocal style, song and commercial writings can be heard on radio and television in various markets around the world.

In her journey as an artist, Benita’s career has spanned over three decades as she has found success as a professional singer, actress, songwriter, stage and studio producer, and vocal coach. Currently, Benita can be seen each week on Marcus and Joni and feels blessed to be part of the Daystar Singers and Band as they lead people around the world in worship.