Getting to Know Me More

Which three words describe you best?
Funny, creative, and loyal.

What would be the most amazing adventure you could go on?
An Alaskan Cruise.

What job would you be terrible at? And why?
I’d be a terrible mechanic because I hate getting grease under my nails.

If you had a time machine for the weekend, where would you go?
I’d go back and visit a younger me.

Which animal represents you the best and why?
A Lion,  because of his beautiful mane.

What was your favorite age and why?
Twelve. That was the year I wrote my first song!

What can you always be found with?
It’s more like “who” rather than “what.” That would have to be my wife.

How did you become a Daystar Singer?
My wife, Michele, and I attended a Tommy Tenney meeting and met Marcus and Joni. As we were talking, Joni asked us what we were doing in Texas. That conversation would eventually lead me to join her for duets on a daily TV program. I guess you could say I was the the original Daystar Singer! And here I am, 18 years later, still singing at Daystar.

What is your favorite memory as a Daystar Singer, and why?
I have loved our prison ministry trips. I’ll never forget the look of hope on the prisoners faces when they realized they could experience true freedom, even behind bars.

What is your funniest moment as a Daystar Singer?
Several years ago, we were on a Refreshing Times Conference Cruise and a sudden shift on board caused the keyboard to fly off stage while Joe was playing it! Everyone just stood there looking at each other in complete disbelief because it was so unexpected and totally hilarious. Today, I still think back on that moment and laugh every time!


After giving his heart to Jesus at a young age, Bobby Binion, Jr. has devoted his life to serving God and loving others. Raised in a home filled with faith, love and music, Bobby along with his sister and five brothers would travel across America with their parents as they preached the Gospel while he and his siblings sang. During those years on the road, Bobby would meet the love of his life, Michele, and they’ve now been married for over 34 years.

Sharing God’s heart has always been Bobby and Michele’s passion, and joining the Daystar family in 2000 seemed like a perfect fit. Together, they enjoy serving as Daystar Singers, along with another member of the Binion family, Bobby’s sister, Lisa Binion. During his time at Daystar, Bobby has served as on-air talent, editor, producer, set designer, photographer, wardrobe consultant and more. Bobby and Michele have raised two amazing sons and are especially excited about their new role as grandparents to LilyRae Elizabeth and Dawson Edward.