Assistant Music Director

Getting to Know Me More

What would be the most amazing adventure to go on?
I’d love to go to the best restaurants in the country featured on Food Network.

What’s something you’ve been meaning to try but just haven’t gotten around to it?
Locusts and honey.

What’s something on your bucket list someone might not know?
I would love to own a restaurant.

Would you rather lead or follow? Why?
That question makes me think of a road trip. I’d rather lead because I would want to make sure everyone gets to our destination safely.

If you had a time machine for the weekend, where would you go?
I would go back to the beginning and see the making of the earth and mankind.

What was the first job where you got paid by someone other than your parents?
I was hired to play piano at a church when I was 16. It paid $25 a week.

If you could meet anyone from the Bible, who would it be and what would you ask them? (Besides Jesus)
Enoch. How did you walk so closely with God?

How did you become a Daystar Singer?
I remember watching Daystar in the spring of 2005 and seeing an empty keyboard on stage as the Daystar Singers sang, which gave me the impression that they might need another musician. I saw that they had a big conference coming up and I figured this might be a good time to see if they needed a keyboard player. Well, when I went to rehearsal at Covenant Church on a Tuesday night where Joe Ninowski and I both served, I heard the Lord clearly say, “Go ask him if he needs help with the conference.” I remember reluctantly walking over and saying, “I don’t want to even ask you this, but do you need another keyboard player for the Refreshing Times Conference this year?”
 I’ll never forget how he looked up toward heaven and said, “Wow, I was just asking God if I should ask you or the other guy over there.” At that moment, we both knew that this was God’s plan all along!

What is your favorite memory as a Daystar Singer, and why?
I remember one Christmas in particular when we went on a prison ministry trip. We were setting up and doing soundcheck, and I was enjoying the acoustics in the gym. It seemed like the presence of God filled the room as I played the organ, so I continued until all the prisoners were seated. At the end of service, one of them walked up to me almost in tears and said, “Thank you for playing that organ. That was my Christmas gift.” He went on to say that he hadn’t heard the sound of a church organ for 10 years and hearing it brought back memories of going to church with his grandmother as a little boy. I never get tired of reliving that moment in my mind. You never know how one small act of obedience can impact someone’s life for eternity.

Tell us about a time when God has been great in your life.
Beginning in 2011,  God began to do supernatural things in my life that were mind-blowing. The most dramatic has to be how he called me to pastor while I was driving home one day. I was asking the Lord, “What can I do for you?” He said, “Preach and pastor before the year is over.” The thought alone made me so nervous, but He comforted me with a beautiful confirmation just a few hours later. A friend called me from New York and at the end of our conversation began  to cry saying, “I hear the Lord telling me you’re supposed to pastor before the year is over.” In an instant, I was totally undone. God had made it clear what He wanted me to do and in spite of doubts, I obeyed. Today, I have the great privilege of serving as Pastor of The Ark Church in Plano, Texas!


Charles “Chuck” Bethany was born on January 5, 1978 into a musical family. His father, the late Pastor Charles E. Bethany Sr., was a skilled vocalist and an accomplished guitarist. His mother, the late Patricia Ann Bethany, was known to be quite the songbird. Sadly, she passed away shortly after recording her first record. The legacy they left behind is still being carried on through their children.

Chuck has worked or played with leading Christian artists like Fred Hammond, Karen Clark Sheard, Smokey Norful, Nicole Binion, Cortez Vaughn, Karen Wheaton and the Winans, just to name a few. He is the father of seven children and married to the lovely Nakisha Bethany. Together, they pastor The Ark church in Plano, Texas.