Executive Producer / Soprano

Getting to Know Me More

What will we find you doing during the week?
Working, interviewing guests, reading, working out, walking, drinking coffee on my back loggia, spending time with family and friends, taking long baths, looking at social media, watching TV with Marcus, and cooking when time allows.

What’s something on your bucket list someone might not know?
I’d love to take the singers to the Philippines and do a worship concert just one time in a foreign country.

Who has been the biggest inspiration in your life? Why?
Freda Lindsay and Huldah Buntain. They were both strong women who accomplished extraordinary things for the Kingdom despite feeling unqualified.

What was the first record or CD that you bought?
The Carpenters. I love Karen Carpenter and the richness of her voice. I memorized every song!

What takes you out of your comfort zone?
Standing up to teach at conferences. I’m much more comfortable interviewing people on television and singing.

If you could choose an age to remain forever, what age would you choose?
32. I was still young but had 3 kids and far more wisdom than I had in my twenties.

If you could meet anyone from the Bible, who would it be and what would you ask them? (Besides Jesus)
I’d like to meet the Apostle Paul. I think he would be the greatest interview ever! I would ask a million questions. Tell me about the road to Damascus? What happened that night in the Philippian jail?

How did the Daystar Singers start? And what did that look like for you?
It all started with me singing solos for many years on our TV programs. Eventually, Marcus and I connected with Bobby Binion and invited him to sing duets with me. Even after all these years, I’m still amazed at how God began to quickly multiply our efforts in the days and months that followed. Once we decided to do  a women’s conference, I asked Joe Ninowski to help put together a worship team that eventually became the Daystar Singers! It was a dream fulfilled to form a team of talented singers and musicians who all had one goal in mind: to lift up the name of Jesus and praise God. It’s been such a rewarding, incredible experience and I have absolutely loved the journey!

Why is being a part of the Daystar Singers important to you?
Music was my first real ministry with Marcus as we traveled and evangelized together. I would sing and he would preach. I am a worshipper first. Music inspires me and allows me to enter into His presence daily. Singing with the singers allows me many special moments with God that I treasure on this journey of life.

Tell us about a time when God has been great in your life.
One of the greatest decisions of my life was to write a letter of surrender to the Lord at age 20. In that moment, I totally submitted to His will, His plan, and His purpose. Three months later, I met Marcus Lamb, and together we’ve been on an incredible journey of faith and love ever since. Read my book, Surrender All, and you’ll find even more encouraging personal stories that highlight the many victories He has graciously given us through the years.


Refreshing, authentic, and innovative – Joni Lamb has become one of America’s leading voices in Christian television. She and her husband, Marcus Lamb, are co-founders of the Daystar Television Network, which reaches over 109 million homes in the United States and over 4.4 billion people worldwide. Together, they have spent decades bringing the Good News of God’s love to as many as possible.

Born in a small town in South Carolina, Joni is a television executive, talk show host, singer, conference speaker, and best-selling author who has become a recognized source for truth in today’s compromising world. Together with Marcus, she co-hosts Daystar’s live flagship program, Marcus & Joni, featuring the nation’s most recognized faith-based leaders, businessmen, authors, and entertainers.

As Executive Producer and host of Joni Table Talk, she fearlessly takes on controversial topics and explores testimonies of unrelenting faith to share relevant, godly solutions for complex issues that so many are facing. Her uncompromising position of faith in Jesus Christ has earned Joni the respect of millions all over the world, including the secular media. To date, Joni Table Talk has received 5 Daytime Emmy nominations, 3 Lone Star Emmy Awards, and 10 Telly Awards. She is also an accomplished singer and one of the creative forces behind the Daystar Singers and Band. She and her team have released various albums including the latest, Great God.

Joni and Marcus, along with their three children, daughter and son-in-love, as well as her two grandchildren, reside in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas. Her greatest desire is for everyone to surrender their hearts and lives to Jesus so that they, too, can become exactly who they were created to be for His Glory.