Getting to Know Me More

What’s something people would be surprised to learn about you?
I worked at the postal service for over 22 years!

If you were a natural element, which would you be: Earth, Wind, Fire, or Water? Explain.
I’d want to be earth because it’s a firm foundation. I would like to be known as unshakeable!!

If I asked your high school friends what they thought you would be doing today, what would they say?
Playing basketball in the NBA. I was pretty good.

They say that everyone has a book in them. What would your book be about?
What Was Was, What Is Is!  It would be a story of how one’s life is transformed by surrender.

What small gesture from a stranger has made a big impact on you?
I had one person look past my gift and see my heart. That was big to me.

Name a pet you have owned and how you came to name him/her.
Mufasa is a dalmatian that we named after a character from the Lion King.

What’s the best piece of advice you ever been given?
You can’t complain about what you allow!

How did you become a Daystar Singer?
I was serving at a ministry in Carrollton, Texas on the worship team when seemingly out of nowhere I heard the Lord tell me to quit. I argued with Him for a moment and asked why He would tell me to give up something that I was clearly created to do. Reluctantly, I obeyed and trusted in His plan. Just a few days later, I received a call from Daystar’s Music Director, Joe Ninowski, to fill in as a Daystar Singer on one of the programs. At the time, we were struggling financially and the opportunity was an answer to prayer. So I showed up at Daystar and never left. God is so faithful! He opened a door through obedience that I could have never unlocked on my own.

What is your favorite memory as a Daystar Singer, and why?
My favorite memory is traveling to India to minister. I was amazed to see people filled with joy despite living in extreme poverty.

What is your funniest moment as a Daystar Singer?
There’s never a dull moment when we’re together. Whether it’s taking funny pictures or singing the wrong lyrics on purpose during practice, it’s always so much fun.


Born into a family of ministry and music, Stephen began singing at an early age with his family – The Scott White Family. His passion for worship and the Word of God only grew over time, eventually leading him to become an ordained minister.

In the years that followed, Stephen received a prophecy that would alter the course of his life forever when he was told that he would one day “sing to the nations.” In 2007, Stephen and his wife, Angela, acted on faith when they heard the Lord tell them to move their family to Texas and leave everything behind. Along the way, they encountered struggles, setbacks, and extreme challenges, but never stopped believing in God’s promise to give them a hope and a future in Texas.

Not long after relocating, the Lord honored His Word and opened a door for Stephen to join the Daystar Singers and Band. Today he is fully convinced that he’s living out God’s promise by singing to people around the world each week on Marcus & Joni! Stephen and Angela remain grateful for the blessed life they’ve been given as they raise their family and continue trusting the God with their future.